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CIF Weight Management

2-lb growth allowance: Jan 1, 2019

NCS schools may use either the BodyMetrix Ultrasound wand or the TANITA scale for weight assessments in 2018-19. The BodyMetrix Ultrasound system does NOT require a hydration test prior to assessment, however the TANITA system DOES. The CIF is requiring a complete transition from the TANITA scales to the BodyMetrix wands by the 2020-21 school year. Assessments can still be done on either system during this transition period. Weight management handbooks/tests/videos will be updated through the CIF ASAP.

Weight Management Program Manual
2018-19 Individual Forms (word docs)
Re-assessment and New Assessment Process
Approved Assessors 2018-2019
Assessor Best Practices Video - by Duane Morgan
CIF Weight Management Homepage
TrackWrestling Instruction Page
TrackWrestling Coach/Assessor Login Page
National Wrestling Coaches Association

NWCA Skin Infection Webinar
NWCA Skin Infection Resources
NWCA Wrestling Mat Safety
NFHS Physician Release to Participate with Skin Lesions
MRSA Information
CIF Sports Medicine Handbook
Wrestlers' Diet


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