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North Coast Section staff is in the process of updating championship records throughout the history of NCS. Thanks for your patience.
 Click on the Champion for a given year to see the complete results.
2019 Eliza Bates- Acalanes  Priyanka Shanker -Justin Siena
2018 Angela Huang - Piedmont Olive Maunupau, Lick-Wilmerding
2017 Audrey-Marie Rafols, SPSV Azaria Hayes, Hercules
2016 Amber Huk - Foothill Angela Huang - Piedmont
2015 Kaelli Thiel - Piedmont Azaria Hayes - St. Joseph ND
2014 Casey Chen - Alameda Kaelli Thiel - Piedmont
2013 Allison Chuang- Albany Adrienne Sturgis- St. Patrick/St. Vincent
2012 Allison Chuang- Albany Jenna Friedel- College Prep
2011 Stephanie Lin- Pinole Valley Adrienne Sturgis- St. Patrick/St. Vincent
2010 Laura Posylkin- San Marin Chelsea Hayashi- Tamalpais
2009 Laura Posylkin- San Marin  
2008 Jamie Pawid- Castro Valley  
2007 Jamie Pawid- Castro Valley  
2006 Aeriel Ellis- Hayward  
2005 Jennifer Yen- Mission San Jose  
2004 Alexandra Borowicz - Montgomery  
2003 Casey Fabiani- Sir Francis Drake  
2002 Yulia Rivelas- S.F. University  
2001 Stephanie Svanfeldt- Redwood  
2000 Jenna Long- Mission San Jose  
1999 Sasha Podkolzihia- Northgate  
1998 Jessica Siebal- Branson  
1997 Louani Bascara- Branson  
1996 Louani Bascara- Branson  
1995 Jennifer Svanfeldt- Redwood  
1994 Karen Apra- Mission San Jose  
1993 Liz Marpuri- James Logan  
1992 Liz Marpuri- James Logan  
1991 Cynthia Cline- Alhambra  
1990 Tracy Nguyen- Albany  
1989 Pam Nelson- Marin Catholic  
1988 Karen Lauer- Berkeley  
1987 Karen Lauer- Berkeley  
1986 Karen Lauer- Berkeley  
1985 Elly Hakami- Redwood  
1984 Caroline Scherman- Redwood  
1983 Caroline Scherman- Redwood  
1982 Caroline Yao- Encinal  
1981 Shelby Thorner- Sir Francis Drake  
1980 Tracy Payne- Northgate  
1979 Erika Smith- Head Royce  
1978 Erika Smith- Head Royce  
1977 Diane Bauer- Redwood  


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